What are the requirements to be married in Jamaica?

Couples must be 18 years of age. Sunset Beach Resort, Spa & Waterpark requires a 48 hour on property residency, prior to a wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

What documentation is required?

All documents must be uploaded to your online account no later than 45 days prior to your wedding ceremony, or a US$150.00 late fee will apply for late submissions. You must also hand carry notarized copies of each document with you to the resort to be held on file by the Jamaican government. These notarized documents will not be returned to you. Late submission of these documents may result in the minister not being able to officiate the wedding on the desired date.

Required documents for the bride and groom are as follows;

Vow Renewals

For vow renewals, a non-notarized copy of your marriage license must be uploaded to your ceremony account. (please login to your account to receive further instructions)

How long does it take to receive the marriage certificate?

Approximately 12-16 weeks following the ceremony, the resort will forward your marriage certificate directly to you. There is no way to expedite the process. If you would like to obtain extra copies of your marriage certificate, there is a cost ranging from US$35 – US$60 (depending on shipping) per document, please advise your wedding planner at the resort should you wish to receive additional copies. To request a copy of your marriage certificate after you have left Jamaica , please contact need to check if this is still the correct registrar’s office or if need to change the the Montego Bay Registrar: In the case of an error on the marriage certificate, both originals must be sent back to the wedding planner with a letter stating the error and correction , along with copies of birth certificates. The process will take 12-16 weeks.

When do I begin planning my destination wedding?

The planning of your wedding, with your on property wedding coordinator, will commence sixty 60 days prior to arrival. We further anticipate that at sixty (60) days prior to arrival, you will be able to provide a tentative count of the number of guests for your wedding. Be sure to update your coordinator to confirm.

How long does the ceremony take?

The ceremony takes about 15-20 minutes with universally used vows. You may add your own short exchange that has a special meaning to you. Couples may choose to incorporate a unity candle, lighting ceremony or a sand ceremony (please bring your candles or sand receptacle). Following the ceremony, you will sign the temporary marriage certificate along with the minister. If friends or family are not present for the ceremony then witnesses can be provided. Cake and champagne can be enjoyed afterward followed by photography (additional fees apply for photo packages and additional guests not included in your wedding package).

Is the wedding a legal marriage, recognized in our state or country?

US Marriages Marriages performed in and according to the laws of Jamaica are legally valid in the United States and Commonwealth countries. It is not usually necessary to register your marriage in your respective state; it should be sufficient to present your Jamaican marriage certificate as needed for name changes etc. for more specific, questions please contact the office of the Attorney General in your state/region.

European Marriages

It is not required for British citizens to have an additional certificate of their marriage. For citizens of Germany, Belgium and Italy, an extra certification ($100 fee) is necessary. We are required to forward the marriage certificate to the Foreign Affairs Office and the respective consular offices of both countries. This process may delay the receipt of the marriage certificate.

What is the schedule for the day of the ceremony?

Congratulations! The big day is finally here.

Are we able to provide our own minister?

If you have friend who is a licensed minister, he may certainly be a part of your ceremony; however the on-site minister is required to pronounce you man and wife in Jamaica. You may also request to have a Jamaican rabbi perform the ceremony at the additional cost. If you would like Catholic priest to officiate, this must be done in a church. Additional information on Jewish and Catholic weddings can be had from your wedding planner.

Can we have two ceremonies performed at the same time?

Double Wedding or Vow Renewal ceremonies can be arranged. Please make your wedding planner aware in advance. Vow renewals do not legally require a minister, however Sunset Beach Resort, Spa & Waterpark uses the services of a minister.

Am I allowed to hire my own photographer, videographer, decorator, florist, DJ, entertainer, etc. on-property?

As the resort provides all needed services, there is a charge of $250.00 per off-property vendor. These off-property vendors must be approved by the wedding coordinator. Please contact your wedding coordinator to discuss.

What is the process if I need to change times/ cancel the ceremony?

The time of your ceremony can be change based on availability and package purchased with certain conditions applicable. If you need to cancel your wedding ceremony you can do so within 30 days of booking the wedding, with a full refund except for the $250.00 Jamaican Government fee which is non-refundable.

Is there a cost for guests not staying on property, to attend the ceremony?

The resort welcomes off property guests attending your wedding to be at the property one hour prior to the start of your wedding. As a policy, only resident guests are allowed in the guest rooms. We do ask that that they come to the resort already dressed for your wedding. A Wedding pass must be purchased for each non – resident guests.

Wedding Pass Adult – US $70.00 per person

Conditions apply for wedding receptions.

Picture identification is required to be shown at the Front Desk for all passes issued.

This policy as it relates to your non- resident guests is strictly enforced. Therefore, we do ask that this be clearly communicated to your guests, prior to their arrival on property.

Is there a rehearsal, prior to the ceremony?

Wedding rehearsals can be arranged at an additional cost of US$100.00. (dependent on availability)

What are the reception options?

In order to maintain an intimate atmosphere at our restaurants that require reservations, a maximum of 10 people only may be pre-booked together. Please submit your request to your wedding coordinator at least than 15 days advance.

Larger wedding parties may request the following options:

Please note that all private functions must first be confirmed and a la carte pricing and availability with extras checked when finalizing wedding with the wedding planner. Please contact your wedding coordinator no later than 15 days in advance to request a private reception. A 50% deposit, on the total cost, is required to reserve.

*Prices are subject to change.*


Actual flowers may vary from any images shown on site. Our expert wedding planners will review all options with you to ensure you have your dream bouquet.

Why am I being charged custom fees for the Giclee canvas, included in the wedding package?

Shipping of the Giclee canvas may incur customs fees once shipping is out of the US.

Why is there a late fee for ceremonies reserved within 45 days of my date?

The late fee of $150 allows for us to expedite the process of hiring a minister, ordering flowers and ensuring that all details of your ceremony are taken care of.

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